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Find the right 3d scanner for your application!


What happens after the scan?

That is years of know-how build up from parent company Creaform put at work to truly speed-up your workflows.

That is what made peel.3d 
the preferred solution in the community. 
Here are customer examples, tutorials and info to guide you :

Because not all CAD software work well with point clouds and meshes, our software goes one step further with you and help create usable geometric features with simple clicks. 

Peel 2 CAD

Peel2CAD is your go-to for more versatility.

You’ll be able to tackle a variety of jobs: 
chassis, body parts, interior and engine.

Smallest level of details you’ll be able to grasp: a 5 mm hole.

Scanning and bridge Reverse Engineering software included. One time purchase! 
no annual license fee. You’re good to go.

Engine Bay
Clay Models
Body Works
Metal Castings


$10,090.00 USD

See Users' examples:

Peel 2-S CAD

Peel2CAD-S is your go-to for more details on smaller parts.

We recommend it for parts 12 in or below. 
You can scan larger with it, but it’s field of view is smaller, so it would be like washing a car door with a toothbrush instead of a proper tool.

Smallest level of details you’ll be able to grasp: 
a ~2.5 mm hole.

Scanning and bridge Reverse Engineering 
software included. One time purchase! 
no annual license fee. You’re good to go.

Small Audio & Plastic Components
Engine Parts
Detailed Areas
High resolution applications


$10,090.00 USD

See Users' examples:


Not sure which scanner is best for your application? Order both together and save even more!

The ultimate peel 3d combo

$15,090.00 USD

First things first!


We have monthly payment options available through Affirm if needed. You can simulate a shopping cart on the website, and you will have the option to register for approval.

There’s a training playlist available on our YouTube channel and you can also purchase a one-on one training when filling your cart at check-out.


Know that we offer a 
15 days return policy 
on every purchase as a safety 
net for our clients ! 
During that period, we will 
be glade to answer any questions you might have. 

Return policy

We have a live chat on the website as well as a Request for assistance form on the website.

Technical support

How it works

How to build a 
custom seatbelt cover 
from 3D scanning

Roll cage project

Rear suspension

3d scans merge

3D scan on pushrod suspension project

3d scanning for Upholstery – pattern making with ExactFlat

Upgrade to Creaform


Peel.3d is the entry level brand of company Creaform, pioneer and leader in the industry. OEM’s design teams from across the globe use their top of the art scanners. 

When you’re ready for faster and better, we have upgrade programs available to make sure your money isn’t lost. If you wish to upgrade within the first year, 100% of what you’ve spent on your peel can be credited to a Creaform purchase. 

If later, give us a call and we’ll figure something out! 

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We have mastered the art of 3d scanning solutions, so you could master yours : 
Reverse Engineering and Design of car parts. 
The idea is to help you get it right the first time. 
No more trial and errors on fitments.